Sabado, Marso 31, 2012

I started out like any other hopeful individuals who surf the net everyday, intent to make extra money at home. Remember the famous line, " A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step,"? Well, that certainly rings a bell somewhere in the recesses of my memory. Two years ago, I remembered getting paid $1 for a 200-word article. It took hours of wracking my brain with ideas, an hour and half checking Facebook and gossip blogs, and a terrible headache before I produced the first article.

 Fact is, I was frustrated. Is this all I get for the glorious online writing jobs? How can I possibly earn more? Now, I only smile at the memory. If I had given up, I will not be so lucky earning a thousand dollar a week from my online writing jobs now. Still, I treasure how I started my way, even groping at first to getting successful job opportunities online.

 It is about time I share what I have learned.

 How I Started To Make Extra Money At Home

 I was getting frustrated with my full-time job and was contemplating on giving the resignation letter the next day. I have to admit I got burned out. I was working 10 hours a day as and getting paid monthly after taxes. The huge cut from my loans and bills also started getting on my nerves. Just had to get a grip on myself because I know I have to make the right choice.

 If I get out from my present job, how will I pay the bills? The mortgage? Groceries? Fare and fuel?

 There must be an answer lying somewhere. And I need it fast!

A halo must have appeared on top of my age-old desktop computer. That was the time I wanted to get my mind off the problems and want to surf the net to get entertained. While I was reading reviews and struggles of those who wish to earn online, I got inspired.
 Finally, the answer has arrived.

 It Was Not All Bed of Roses At First

 So, I tried my luck with my first writing assignment for content farms. I admit I don't have the experience yet so I cannot force employers to hire me immediately. I learned a lot of lessons.

 Yes, I started my first dollar writing the 200-word article. I slept through my headache and started another article the next day. The first review was bad. I had to really write original articles, plus no grammar and spelling issues. But that did not stop me from writing.
 I also read a lot tips and reviews. Months after writing, maybe , thousands of words, I know deep in my heart and soul that I am getting better. I did not take those negative feedback personally but I studied my weakness. Hours of trainings, grammar and refresher course on English also paid well.

 Where I Am Now

 I don't exactly say I am already on the top of my career now. But I have surpassed several tests and I have gone from frustrated writer to a confident one. There is a continuous flow of job and decent offers for articles I wrote.

 Not many people knew I got out from a huge debt. I was able to pay for my mortgages, bills and many more. There were occasional perks for travel and leisure.

 Income Just Keep Coming

 I didn't believe on online jobs before. Thought this was just for techie or those having the right connection. But, I was proved wrong. Online networking provided these limitless possibilities and the room on top just keeps getting bigger and wider. I started out with affiliate marketing strategies and I guess it was the best move,

 Your Time To Decide

 Earning while you write takes about talent, time and spunk. You can enhance talent by practicing everyday. Time is what you give while you learn about the ropes. You should have spunk because you need it when you want things to work out.

 If you want to make a wise move in changing your future, there are just five things to keep in mind. Know the latest trend in doing business, value the power of words, promote the best reasons to succeed and find ways to make income simply within your reach anytime, anywhere.
 That time is now.

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